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Asphalt 8 Multiplayer – Gameplay

You know… i’ve played to Asphalt 8 in solo mode for 4 months before trying out the multiplayer mode ^_^ Why ? Well… i am no cheater, and so before being tempted to compare my skills with other players of the world, i wanted to learn all the races, nitro positions on the road, shortcuts, to unlock new seasons, and to try all the cars i could.

Then once i’ve unlocked the 9th season, i began to lose interest in the solo mode when i saw the races were only available to MAX cars. Only got 4 Maxed cars so farming stars is going to be long ! Though i’ve noticed that once Season 9 is unlocked, i could farm credits pretty fast ! Did it with a 1:23 minutes race (Scion) for 4500 credits, and then later unlocked the RUF class A for its 1:01 race and still winning the same amount. Add to that a Double Credits by spending 100 tokens (won during events) and you can easily reach 100.000 credits in 15 minutes.


Which car is the best for multiplayer ?

I began to play a lot in multiplayer since the end of August 2016… why ? because like many other people i was playing a little each day, and by the end of the month i got the Mitsubishi Lancer X… When i looked at the car stats, i told myself… “what a shitty car lol !”, not going to serve in any events for sure !

And in the meantime i had saved enough tokens to buy the Nanoflowcell Quantino, a nice little blue car that you can customize. And when i tried it in multiplayer (with only lvl 1 upgrades) i found it awesome !! Frankly… It was great as i was winning every races ! I remember i did 4 or 5 consecutive 9 Winning Streaks ! That means i’ve won a lot of FREE Upgrades for Class D and then C

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